Frequently Asked Questions

At Muffin Break, we pride ourselves on providing our loyalty customers with great value, with our 5th coffee free promise. Please see below some frequently asked questions to help you understand more about our great loyalty program.

What do I get if I become a Muffin Break Loyalty Member?

As a Muffin Break loyalty member you will receive fantastic value through our buy four coffees and get the 5th free. You will also get a free muffin during the month of your birthday when you register your account along with a free registration coffee. Loyalty members receive information about exclusive Muffin Break deals and promotions.

Do I have to redeem my free coffee at the time I receive it or can I accumulate them?

It is recommended that you use your free coffee on your next visit to ensure you reap the benefits of our rewards program. However your free coffees will be available on your account for 300 days and can be used at any time up until this date.

What if I purchase two coffees in one transaction? Will I receive coffee points for both?

Yes, all customers who purchase any hot beverage will receive a single coffee point per hot beverage per transaction.

Will I accumulate coffees with the purchase of any other hot beverages such as tea or hot chocolate?

Yes, customers will accumulate coffees/hot beverages with every relevant purchase.

Will I accumulate coffees for purchases such as Iced Coffee, Iced Chocolate or bottled drinks?

No, the loyalty program is only valid for hot beverage purchases.

Will my details be secure if I register?

Yes, you can rest assured that we take care of your personal information. Please read our privacy policy for further details.

Why do I not receive e-newsletters from Muffin Break?

If you do not receive an e-newsletter from Muffin Break, this may mean you have not opted-in to the loyalty program. If you wish to opt-in, you can either login to your account (online or via the app) to select opt-in on your profile or alternatively, you can contact us at [email protected] Please ensure you provide your card number so we help you resolve any technical issues you are experiencing.

How can I remove myself from the email listing?

If you no longer want to receive emails from Muffin Break you can unsubscribe from any email you have received and you will be removed from our mailing list. The unsubscribe link is at the bottom of every email.

If I have a problem registering online who do I contact?

You will need to contact Muffin Break via [email protected] and provide your card number, so we can help you resolve any technical issues you are experiencing.

Why do I receive email offers from certain stores?

If you visit a Muffin Break store frequently we may notify you of local offers available from that store, so you can take advantage of them on your next visit.

If I purchase a medium size coffee will I receive my free coffee in the same size?

The standard size for a free coffee as a part of the loyalty program is a small size.

When will I get my birthday muffin?

Birthday muffins are awarded to customer who register their account either online or via the app. If you have registered prior to your birthday month, your birthday muffin will be available from the first until the 30th or 31st of that month.

Can I use my Senior’s Card with my loyalty rewards?

Yes, absolutely. You can use your Senior’s Card in conjunction with your loyalty account. Senior’s discounts are accepted with all purchases (only exclusions are combo deals).

If I have three coffees on my account and purchase two coffees, can I claim the free coffee in the same transaction?

In this scenario, you must wait until the transaction has been finalised before the free coffee is added to your account.

If I have multiple free coffees on my account, can I use them in one transaction?

Once you have accrued a free coffee, you should redeem that coffee on your next possible visit. However if you do have one or more free coffees saved and wish to use them at once, you can do this on your next transaction.